To own buildings 🏠

Why would you like to own buildings ? Firstly, it will allow you to add them on your land in order to create your own medieval kingdom. Furthermore, the buildings will not only play the role of SFT or NFT. Actuallly, they will generate $ECCU (Elrond Castle Coin Universe), which is a token that we have created. The higher the building rarity is, then the higher the $ECCU production will be.
On our website, it will therefore be possible to see your different SFT and NFT working, it means producing $ECCU. A "Your buildings" tab will allow you to collect the $ECCU farmed by your buildings, and after getting them, they will be visible in a tab named "Wallet".
But, what's the point of it ? A "Shop" tab will be available, and thanks to it you will be able to buy higher rarity buildings thanks to $ECCU, within the limit of available product stock (which will appears).
But, no matter what the rarity is, once you have a building, it will only "work" for 24 hours. Once this limit is reached, the building will not stock $ECCU anymore and you will have to go on the website to get them and allow the building to work again, and so on !
Decorative items as roads, trees or benches will also be available in a near future on our website to make you customize your virtual world. You will be able to get them thanks to the $ECCU generated by your buildings.
Visiting your friends’ kingdoms and trading buildings with them in order to reach the unique building will also be possible.